The Grismer Lock 2017

It is with great pleasure that we announce, in memory of our special friend and colleague, Mick Hanzlik, the Grismer Lock is available once again. Expertly engineered to Mick's exacting standards by Jordan O'Grady (, these will be limited to just 30 units per year.

Complete with superb A4 instruction booklet, which includes exclusive Grismer Lock routines by Ray Grismer, Steve Cook and Richard Osterlind.

The first batch of 6 units have sold and will be despatched w/c 27th February 2017. The 2nd batch of 6 should be ready to despatch mid March 2017.


A spectator inexplicably discovers the secret combination to a lock WHICH NEVER LEAVES THEIR POSSESSION.

A feature effect for the professional - just ask Richard Osterlind, Wayne Dobson, Geoffrey Durham, Chris North and many more of the top performers in the World.

"The Grismer GOLD!". Luca Volpe 'The Italian Mentalist'.

Long unobtainable, this superb new model, revised and improved by Master Locksmith, Mick Hanzlik and now produced by Jordan O'Grady, is available in a beautiful satin black finish with a silver dial. *Chrome Lock and drawstring bag pictured are for historical and illustrative purposes only. (Paul McCaig).

Sole World rights kindly granted by Ray Grismer.

In honour of the late Ray Grismer's wishes to keep the Grismer Lock EXCLUSIVE there is a limited availabilty of only 30 per year.

Basket Updated
Currently ‘The Grismer Lock’ is made from an ABUS lock with a beautiful matt black finish and silver dial
As featured in 'Live...Without A Net' by Richard Osterlind